Ch. Charlyn's Fierce Allegiance

Ch Torquemada's A Bit More Up

Marlytuk's Kaliya Destry

Ch Torquemada's Xing The Fate

Ch Torquemada's Boomerang Effect

Ch Torquemada's Factory Brand

Torquemada's Rainy Pass

Torquemada's Xclusive Treasure

Torquemada's Xpress Love

Torquemada's Xceed The Limit

Torquemada's Yet To Say

Torquemada's Cedarwood Road

O' Nikolai De Blau Fontein


Living with others

Ch. Torquemada's Run This Way

Ch. Grabbing Us Torquemada Della Contea Normanna

Ch. Torquemada Whizzed By Now

Jr Ch Torquemada's U-Turn 

Ch Torquemada's Funky Frankee

Torquemada's You Put A Spell On Him

Ch Torquemada's Golden Seal

Torquemada's Moonshiner

Ch Torquemada's McGrath

Torquemada's Stand By Me


Couch Potatoes

Ch. Rockland's I'm A Jersey Boy

Ch. Torquemada's The Oslo's Shade In The Falling Stars

Ch. Topaz's The Wizard



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