Torquemada's The Oslo's Shade In The Falling Stars


Born on November 11, 2002

Free Eyes SOVI     Hips HD-A Celemasche


Oslo at 7,5 years old


Oslo in Graz CAC CACIB is NEW Int. Ch.!!!


Oslo BOB Varese 2004 Judge Canalizo, finish the Italian Championship!


CAC al Raduno Cirn di Reggio Emilia


3° exc Annual Specialty se-shi 2005 judge Michael Jennings


Oslo at two years of age


Ancona Int. CAC CACIB BOS Judge Mr. Selimovic (HR)



BOB Zagreb 2004 Judge Mr. Spoliaric



                                                                                                                                                                         J. Ch.Eur. Bratislava 2003 Judge  



9 months


30 days



26 days



22 days



20 days



When I speak about Oslo my eyes lights up.......... By now it is a thing anybody know.  

He is the first dog with my name and my first champion, all my breeding plans are contained into him, I love him so much to let smile all my friends.

 Sometimes I think if he were not I did't exit from a dark period for me. Maybe he is a God's gift, arrived to full my life in the most need moment after so much time.

He borns with his brother Oscar from the hands of a most famous italian specialist veterinary. A waited litter from eight years, from which I ardently wanted a female, instead he arrived, big like a little veal, and immediately I felt he will be an important dog for me. Even if David would like kept him because he saw like I looked him, I gave him in co-owner because as idea I want not males in the kennel.

Sweetest until when he was a puppy, he is absolutely the livelyest. Beautiful like the sun with a solid and correct structure, he has a so strong and extended moviment which full the heart. He, so striking so impressive, has granted me to come back in the shows world like an hurricane, and his ascent is been so quick that it has almost stuned me, today again I cannot believe he has achieved his titles with so much facility. At 1 year he is Young European Champion, he finished the Young Italian Championship through six consecutive wins, in only ten days he achieved 3 Cacib, at 2 years he already is Italian Champion.  

He take your father's class, one of the last american importations, who is breed at Madera to improve the solidity working in line-breeding on Arlington blood.

When he come to my home he is like in his home, he love play with the water, jump all the day, I smile when I see he enjoy Madera is angry, while Sheena stand his exuberance with effort. With his beautiful lively and loving character he has won anybody, all his judges have had from him a lick in the face or a feet put on the leg, all people know him as "Oslo the crazy dog" who always must be recognized in the ring.

Each time he arrive to my home he take joy , he attend his shows and then he come back to his home in Novara, to run in his big garden into the arms of his owners Andrea and Michela, who really are special people, if he is so happy the most of the merit is them and I always will thank them for the friendship and the trust they have showed me.



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Torquemada's Ruby Tuesday


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