Topaz's The Wizard


(Ch Topaz's Black Ice X Ch Topaz's Rite Of Passage)

Born on December 15, 2001

Free eyes - Displasia Excellent OFA

Our sweet and lovely Oz at 2012 Monografica CIRN of Frosinone is Best Veteran and Veteran BIS Reserve. Good Boy Ozzie!!!!


Oz, 11 years, XIII SESHI National Specialty, is Best Veteran!!!




Oz is the new member of Torquemada family, it is funny for us talking about him when the people ask us about who is he, who is he coming from, what is his name, etc....playing a bit with his name we say to all he is "The Wizard"....Oz just, like Oz's Wizard! He is a sweet guy, curious, of wonderful temperament, he was a bit tired of the life in New Jersey even if he was loved and cuttled like a star, he always heard tell about the beautiful Italy by that italian girl who sometimes appear and disappear in Rockland house...maybe she also is a he decided to come and see with his eyes what is so beautiful there, he want see if his american marines's charm work also on these wonderful over ocean girls, he said he will not leave the girls pray to go out with him, tacking they are of good reputation :-)....and we, as we love him and always we loved him since the first moment we saw him, we decided to satisfy him because we are proud to have a dog so beautiful and with a so important genealogy in our kennel.

Thak you Michele!


Szombathely, july 2010, Oz got his third CACIB



Oz CAC - CACIB - BOS in Zagabria, febbruary 2010




How much I enjoy running...


Oz having fun on italian beaches




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