Ch. Torquemada's What A Charming Chick

Ch. Torquemada's Anna Belle

Torquemada's Delilah Belle

Ch Torquemada's Ella Es Para Me

Torquemada's Just Can't Get Enough

Torquemada's Maine Attraction

Torquemada's Monnalisa

Torquemada's Pleasant Valley

Torquemada's Rosebud Summit

Torquemada's Clair De Lune

Torquemada's Grace Belle



Living with others

Ch Torquemada's Talking About Her

Ch Torquemada's Tallulah Belle

Ch Torquemada's Aleutian Breeze

Ch Torquemada's Ghislaine De Fèligonde

Ch Torquemada's Just Give Me A Reason

Torquemada's Mandalay Bay

Torquemada's Coal Miner's Daughter

Torquemada's Ophelia Belle

Torquemada's Olivia Belle

Torquemada's Scarlett Darlin'

Torquemada's Wild And Free

Torquemada's West Virginia

Torquemada's Blush Noisette



Couch potatoes

Ch Winalmik's Coral Sea At Torquemada

Ch. Torquemada's Peach And Cream

Ch Torquemada's Quickly to the Top

Ch.Torquemada's Tales From Oregon

Ch Charlyn's Something To Say



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