Torquemada's Just Can't Get Enought


Nata il 07/07/2013 - Born on 07/09/2013

Occhi esenti da oculopatie ereditarie SOVI / Free eyes SOVI

Displasia HD-A Celemasche / Hips HD-A Celemasche

** Test di Valutazione Caratteriale (TVC) superato!/** Test of Temperament Evaluation (TVC) passed!


Jenna leader nel Team Torquemada alla Polardistans 2018 in Svezia


la nostra leader Jenna alla Vercors Quest in Francia, febbraio 2018


Jenna alla SHCA National Specialty di Topeka 2015 / Jenna at the SHCA National Specialty of Topeka 2015


Jenna 14 mesi/months


7 mesi/months


5 mesi/months


8 settimane/weeks


5 settimane/weeks


3 settimane/weeks


1 settimana/wees


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Ch Black Oak's Senna
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BISS Ch. Charlyn's Joyous Occasion
BISS Ch. Torquemada's Quickly To The Top Ch. Torquemada's The Oslo's Shade In The Falling Stars Ch Arlington's Back To You
Madera Sunset Ice Christal
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Ch.Pvt Stk's One And Only



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