To love siberians it means to love the snow also, the monuntain, the forests and all that is nature and outside life, from this come admiration for the feeling which it is possible doing with these wonderful dogs in their natural environment. By them we came up to sleddog world, completing the will to get sportive life with the love to them and with the will to get them in wonderful adventures with us. They teached us to love sleddog, teached us to enjoy the simply things who Lord gave us, and to them so is all our love and our thanks.

In these pages you will find all the necessary informations to start enjoy with your loved dogs, it was a long work to make all these sections but we thought it needed more clarity in many things of this enthralling world which often keep far the new people and get sleddog like a "only for someone" sport. Nothing is more wrong than this sentence if the aim with you come near to it is the rightest, the health fun with the dogs. So to you are dedicated these pages hoping its can help you to live beautiful and intense emotions like those we have felt.


Our races

3 Gara di avvicinamento SESHI

Assisi (PG) september 10, 2011


Happy Trail CIRN

Campo Felice (AQ) febbruary 5/6, 2011


2 Gara di avvicinamento SESHI

Assisi (PG) September 26, 2010


1 Gara di avvicinamento SESHI

Foligno (PG) September 19, 2009


World Championship of Piandelagotti (MO)

Novembre 17/18, 2007


European Championship of medium and long distance, Pian Cansiglio (BL) 15/16 February 15/16, 2007


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