2° Gara di avvicinamento SESHI, Assisi (PG)

26 settembre 2010


After the lovely and funny experience of last year, also in the occasion of this XI SESHI National Specialty we partecipated to the Canicross race in companion of friends, some of them who own our dogs or who used our dogs to run, it's been a good experience which involved many people and get them close to this funny sport. Good guys (toward people and dogs)!!!!!!!

Edoardo with Torquemada's Who'll Stop The Rain "Back"


Giovanni with Torquemada's Whizzed By Now "Clyde"


Giuseppe with Torquemada's Vine On The Leg "Serim"


Monia with Charlyn's Something To Say "Emma"


Giordano with Charlyn's Fierce Allegiance "Tony"


Rachele with Torquemada's U-Turn "Sky"


Samuele with Charlyn's Something To Say "Emma"


Valeria with Torquemada's What A Charming Chick "Dakota"


Eleonora with Torquemada's Tallulah Belle "Talů"



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