3° SESHI Canicross race, Assisi (PG)

september 10 2011


We could not miss neither this year to the Canicross race organizated by Seshi during the XII Seshi National Specialty, all our friends run and we got also shining results!! Good Torquemada Team!!!!!


The winner of men class 2011 is just training the mind for a while before the race :-)


Aunt and niece on getting ready :-)


The guys from Vaiano are studying a team strategy....how you can do to get that ham???....you can look their perplexed faces :-))



Giordano with Torquemada's Whizzed By Now "Clyde"

1° placed in men class


Monia with Torquemada's You Put A Spell On Him "Lev"

7° placed in women class


Valeria with Torquemada's What A Charming Chick "Dakota"

8° placed in women class


Valentina with Torquemada's U-Turn "Sky"

3° placed in women class


Eleonora with Torquemada's Whizzed By Now "Clyde"

4° placed in women class


Simone with Torquemada's Anna Belle "Annabella"

6° placed in men class


Emanuele with Torquemada's Butter Cup "Ryan"


Claudia with Torquemada's Aleutian Breeze "Cassie"


Alessandra with Charlyn's Something To Say "Emma"


Antonio with Torquemada's A Touch Of Amelie "Ameĺe"


Alessio with Torquemada's Boomerang Effect "Boomer"



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