Friends, Affection and Memories...

Here there is my life. Beautiful moments, darling people, shifty moments....

Who enter in this photos album, enter in the Monia's personal hemisphere, which is done above all of love and emotions.

Here it talk about the important people and things which make up my life,

how my cynophilist friends and not cynophilist friends, my family with our darling kids,

my job which take many hours of my days, the dogs, the se-shi,

the adventures, the special moments and all that which is remained in my heart until now.

It looks a untidy collection but it isn't for me, all these sections of my life

intersect each other each moment because they are tied up each other,

and sometimes they fuse together so much to nor I understand where the boundaries of a world are and where another starts,

so I show you these pictures as they look as in my mind,

without an apparent order, as I left them always as, yesterday and today........





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