Annual National Specialties SHC-A

This section starts to help anybody look for informations about the last years American National Specialties.

The first time in the 2004 when I am left I didn't believe I would be falled in a so great passion for the United States, so great to come back the later year too and the more later year, and again and again...turning from ten days to two weeks, and then three, and so on.... Practically my trips to the Specialties are begun my annual vacancies, I have left out sea mountain and any other things to dedicate me totally at the discovery of this wonderful country that is the America. Much of the merit of all this goes to my member and boyfriend Giordano which has accompanied me in the last two trips, without him my eyes would be very small again......Thank you Giņ!




Greenville 2004, South Carolina


Topeka 2005, Kansas


Rockford 2006, Illinois


Sonoma 2007, California


Gettysburg 2008, Pennsylvania


Tennessee 2009......



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