Sweeties only for us


Here there are the things which we love, our personal passions, which give us a bonus for all days stress, foods, places, things.

Try try try you too, maybe you will discover to have common passions with us....and so after you will can write us for chatting together about.


This is the most beautiful story I never seen in the last 25 years,

I am maddly inloved with this movie and with the whole Twilight saga!


Edward mi guardò di sfuggita mentre la musica ci avvolgeva, mi strizzo l’occhio e mi sorrise. "Ti piace?" - "L’hai scritta tu?" - Annui e io rimasi senza fiato, chiusi gli occhi…tra le ondate di note, la musica si riempì di una dolcezza insostenibile... "Prima di te la mia vita era una notte senza luna, poi hai attraversato il mio cielo e tutto ha preso fuoco, quando sei sparita il buio è tornato, non era cambiato niente…ma i miei occhi sono rimasti accecati, non vedevo più le stelle, niente aveva più senso.."

La ninna nanna di Bella, scritta da Edward per la sua Bella

Bella's Lullaby


Ahh, Saint Coca Cola! If it would not be I would not know how to go on, just me who don't drink coffee and have a very busy life, I drink gallons and gallons of it. Don't exist more good drink than her!!


One of our most prefered place. Uhmm, I'm lovin' it!!


Famous Chicken Wings!!! Delicius, coocked in hot sauces and spices, you can eat a so good thing only in America.


Chocolate cake, tall like those Grandma Duck's, sided with a vanilla ice cream spoon. This is an american speciality too!


Restaurant Bubba Gump, based on the famous "Forrest Gump" movie, here you can eat only shrimps and Mhai Mhai fish, in all souces and with delicius dishes. You have to try it absolutely!


The Simpson! Nobody is nicest of them.


Breakfast at Denny's, with scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, sweet toasts and orange juice, when you have tasted it one time you cannot live without it...


we have followed it for miles, it is a myth.


Wonderful California coasts.


A huge passion for the billiard which keep us awake for many hours in the National's hotels


The mythical Bruce! Who is like him?


Famous American National Parks... Here you are embarazzed in the choise, beautiful, wonderful, sometime even amazing too.


The huge californian crabs. Who can forget them...


Wild animals which come near you until a yard in the American National Parks, all the time it is a challenge with the rangers for not let they notice we are feeding them :-)



The wine, with the beautiful landscapes from "A walk in the cloudes" movie. I have learnt to love good wines.


Starbucks coffee. Without it our travels would be right boring.


We are pumpkin maniacs, we meet them decorated in all ways when we go in the States for the National (because it's held always in Halloween time) and they are so cute that we cannot do without to buy someone, our suitcases are always too heavy in our come back travel due the pumpkins :-)


The multicoloured landscapes of New England, seen too hurriedly due the few time avalaible. We have promised to come back, sure first or late it will happen..


A day our house will be like this, big, with the porch, but above all......made with the wood.


The beautiful american cemeterys. To someone can seem unnerving but instead they are wonderful places full of peace love and serenity, I cannot go on when I meet them during a walk, I love to feel the quite which they injects.


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