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Another One Bites The Dust   X  Torquemada's Powny In The Rain Dance

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Torquemada's Victoria Belle   (Femmina),  B/G  occhi marroni


Torquemada's Violets Hill    (Femmina), B/G  occhi marrori


Torquemada's Value Added    (Maschio), B/G  occhi marroni


Torquemada's Vergeing To Home    (Maschio), B/G  occhi marroni


Torquemada's Vine On The Leg    (Maschio), B/R  occhi marroni


Torquemada's Victoi Cayol    (Maschio), B/R  occhi marroni

Cuccioli Another One Bites The Dust Ch. Int. It. Soc. Party Color Eyes Costa

Ch. It. Anko

Tai - mir's Of Wolf Cream Gold
Stelle A Nord Whispering Sweet Nothing

Stelle A Nord Brickmark

Stelle A Nord Cybis

Torquemada's Powny in the rain dance Ch. kaila's Silver Bear of Zausel Ch.Kaila's Burberry
Ch Kaila's Russian Cameo
Ch.Winalmik's Coral Sea at Torquemada Ch.Winalmik's El Diablo Rojo
Ch's Winalmik's She is so Lovely




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