Cucciolata nata il 28/10/14

Torquemada's Golden Seal  X  Ch Torquemada's Tallulah Belle


Torquemada's Over And Over    (Maschio)


Torquemada's Out Of Reach    (Maschio)


Torquemada's Once Again    (Maschio)


Torquemada's Osh Kosh    (Maschio)


Torquemada's Olivia Belle    (Femmina)


Torquemada's Ophelia Belle    (Femmina)


Torquemada's Oasis Belle    (Femmina)


Torquemada's Only You    (Femmina)


Cuccioli Torquemada's Golden Seal Ch Charlyn's Fierce Allegiance Ch Black Oak's Arctic Stormwatch SD
Ch Charlyn's Joyous Celebration
BIS Ch Torquemada's What A Charming Chick Ch. Topaz's The Wizard
BISS Ch. Quickly To The Top
Ch Torquemada's Tallulah Belle BISS Ch Alpine's Carte Blanche Ch. Aatukwoods Uprising
Ch. Alpine’s Little Surfer Girl 
Ch. Torquemada's Peach And Cream BISS Ch. Kaila's Silverbear Of Zausel
Ch.Winalmik's Coral Sea At Torquemada




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