Cucciolata nata il 03/12/10

Ch Torquemada's The Oslo's Shade In The Falling Stars  X  Jr Ch Torquemada's Talking About Her


Torquemada's A Bit More Up   (Maschio)


Torquemada's Anna Belle    (Femmina)


Torquemada's A Touch Of Amelie    (Femmina)


Torquemada's Aleutian Breeze   (Femmina)



Cuccioli Ch The Oslo Shade In The Falling Stars Ch. Arlington's Back to you Ch. Rockland's Starr Attraction
Ch. Miortok-Arlington Ki's Anore
Madera Sunset Ice Christal Stelle a Nord's the Ultimate Warrion
Alijaska the Northen Stars
Jr Ch Torquemada's Talking About Her BISS Ch Alpine's Carte Blanche Ch. Aatukwoods Uprising
Ch. Alpine’s Little Surfer Girl 
Ch. Torquemada's Peach And Cream Ch. Kaila's Silverbear Of Zausel
Ch.Winalmik's Coral Sea At Torquemada




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