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Ch Topaz's The Wizard   X  Torquemada's Quickly To The Top

59 giorni


Torquemada's Wizard Masterpiece   (Maschio)


Torquemada's Who'll Stop The Rain    (Maschio)


Torquemada's Whizzed By Now    (Maschio)


Torquemada's We We Hours    (Maschio)


Torquemada's What A Charming Chick    (Femmina)

Cuccioli Ch Topaz's The Wizard Ch. Topaz's Black Ice Eldorado's Walk On Water
 Ch. Topaz's Jul IV Bobkatneldorado
Ch. Rite Of Passage Am/Can Ch. Kaila's Red Lobo Of Sno Strip 
Ch. Topaz's French Toast
Torquemada's Quickly To The Top Ch Torquemada's The Oslo's Shade in the Falling Stars Ch.Arlington's Back To You
Madera Sunset Ice Christal
Ch. Rockland's Lil Darlin' Ch. Rockland's Starr Attraction
Ch.Pvt Stk's One And Only 




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