Torquemada's Blaze Of Glory


Nato il 10/02/2011  -  Born on 02/10/2011

Kian a Lecce con i suoi proprietari/Kian in Lecce with his owners


Kian quasi 10 settimane/almost 10 weeks


5 settimane/weeks


3 settimane/weeks


Kian Grabbing Us Torquemada Della Contea Normanna Ch. Rockland's I'm A Jersey Boy

Ch.Usa Alcinta's Winter Glitter

Ch.Usa Rockland's Just Darling

Ch. Chrisdon's Neverending Story

Ch Usa Highlander's Austin Power

Ch Usa Chrisdon's Brown Eyes Blue
BISS Ch. Torquemada's Quickly To The Top Ch Torquemada's The Oslo's Shade in the Falling Stars Ch.Arlington's Back To You
Madera Sunset Ice Christal
Ch. Rockland's Lil Darlin' Ch. Rockland's Starr Attraction
Ch.Pvt Stk's One And Only 



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