My Dobermann



Velda Del Diamante Nero

……at her, who sleep near me each nights, I owe intence emotions and a new conscience to understand the dogs at a more deep level.

I took her when she was seven after a bad infancy, and we are begun, with a hard work of recovery done of love and trust, one of the more got on weel together duo in our training fields. For her I cryed tears of joy when she no have more left the training sleeve neither under menace.....and when at 1 and half years of age suddenly she is died under my eyes I feel an immence sorrow which I no succed more to close. There were other important dogs in my life but in my heart anybody never will be so totally like her.

At the distance of ten years I write in my diary at Velda again, with a love without end…..


trainer Alessandro Biondi


Prince Del Diamante Nero

A shining lively spinning top, who run as a circle in the garden all the day doing a round rut where the grass have no grown up.

She is came in our home because anybody told she never succed to go on a litter. It look as an absurd exploit but I wanted her with me and she is arrived from Rome in a cold winter evening. With her company I have discovered the sweetness was into her that was covered from the sadness of the kennel in which she lived. She was a faithful companion, attentive and brave, which never left my eyes and which always put her head on my leg each time I was sit.

She gave birth at two litters without problems, taking care and nurseing the puppies, with me sleeping each night in the wood crate with them for get sure she not let the puppies at the cold, again I remember her expressions when lied near me she looked her puppies given first a lick at them and then a lick at my face….  


Urta Del Diamante Nero

An impressive female, beautiful and damned.

I grew her, in a new house with my family, during a period I felt alone and was busy to put in order my ideas for the future.

I due remove her because she bite the neighbours's children and my father had afraid of her, but sometimes somebody in the home tell that usual sentence we told her with love: “Urty! What are you doing Urty? What are you doiiinngg?”.  



trainer Gianni Bulgarella


Nilo Del Rio Bianco

A very beautiful dog which then in the Massimo's hands have taken all the titles he merited, when he have brought him to me he was six months and he fulled my eyes with that already strong masculine and again sweet puppy head, that massive legs…..he was almost tall like Velda which already was at the limit of the standard and when we went around with both they fulled me of pride because they took the looks of anybody


trainer Alessandro Biondi


Nadin Del Diamante Nero

Beautiful, femminile, of her I remember the lively and the attention for each things of the world, with a beautiful solid and well-balance character. Where somethings of interesting there was, Nadin always was there doing as a protagonist.


Mijanou Del Diamante Nero e Marços Del Diamante Nero

The twin sister, even if one black and one brown.

They are arrived already adult for staying only few months. They were inseparable, where one of her moved the other moved the same, Mijanou packmaster, serius and spartan, Marços more lively and sweet.

The evening when we are coming after the work and the training field, they sitted on the two home armchairs looking at me to prepare the dinner without to no move more until the morning.


Zirco Del Diamante Nero

My first dobermann, co-owned with my ex partner and died of gastroenterite at three months of age. At him is titled the enterprise opened together, now closed, and is him the merit for which I entered in this wonderful world of defence dogs.

Danien Del Diamante Nero

Arrived to cover the empty left from Zirco. With him we have tryed for the first time the emotions of the training , of the work, and of the obbedience.

trainer Alessandro Biondi


Scott Del Diamante Nero

The one son of my swettest Prince, we didn't can not keep him.….

I named him like I wanted, instead of Massimo who wanted call him Lino how one him past dog, he was my baby boy, with the same sweet eyes of his mother and a beautiful impressive head. He was my last male who I left at Massimo when I turned one of the many pages of my life.

trainer Gianni Bulgarella


Pina Del Diamante Nero

At her I did would like dedicate a special section, but I cannot feel her like a my dog, she is a love gift I did at my boyfriend David after a wait of 6 years.....

Strong, brave, sweet and astute, all the good qualities of the world are her.

After many times see again a jumbo who run in the home it was a strong emotion.....I was waiting for it for 7 years but for David who was waiting for it for 30 years it was a whirl of infinite love. I let she affectioned more at him to me because I wanted he tried what feel to have a dobermann in the heart and in the mind, they are became a fantastic duo in the work arriving to the Ztp without effort.

She, that when throw her self in the attack almost do the figurant fall on the earth, will be always "Pina little Pina" for me, how not much time ago when all three together were a family.....


trainer Alfonzo Greco


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